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Watch our YouTube video before you read on:
Natural Antibiotics in Foods (3:14)


Some foods are the best natural antibiotics in the world. Here is why:

It is not germs that cause disease, it is the body's weakness

... the mere introduction of germs into the living organism does not ensure their multiplication or the production of disease. The condition of the organism itself has much influence. Pasteur made a hasty generalization in declaring that the only condition which determines an epidemic is the abundance of germs ...

John Shaw Billings


Many times two people eat identical contaminated food. One of them gets salmonella poisoning or diarrhea, the other does not. Why?

The body's immunity level is the determining factor in disease, rather than "the mere introduction of germs".

Natural law of duality

Everything in this world is the result of alternating two states. Contracted state followed by expanded state.



Heart beats are heart muscle expansion (called diastolic in medical terms) followed by contraction (called systolic in medical terms).

Breathing is Lungs expanding drawing in air (inhaling) followed by contracting expelling air (exhaling).

Moving such as walking, arm stretching, bending, head turning and so on are due to the synchronized contraction and expansion of our varied muscles.

Diseases result from either excessive contraction (gallstone is a hard mass, fibroids are hard masses, high blood pressure caused by tight arteries, constipation results from tight colon and so on); or from excessive expansion (diarrhea is a dilated colon, psoriasis spreads, infections spread and so on). Health is a balance between these two alternating states.

Sometimes contraction is called YANG and expansion is called YIN. But the name does not matter. This is not a vague, quaint mystical idea. It is the laws of nature that govern our lives and run our bodies. Understanding this principle deeply means understanding why the body gets sick and how to naturally cure disease. For more, watch this video:

Yin yang in everything  (3:30)


Plant foods are contracted at the bottom (roots) to draw in nutrients and expanded at top (leaves) to expel oxygen or CO2.

Root vegetables are contracted hard masses. They restore balance to diseases caused by excessive expansion. On the other hand, leaves are soft and expanded. They restore balance to disease caused by excessive contraction. The laws of nature are as reliable and predictable as the morning sunrise!


Kale, parsley, lettuce, etc. are expanded leaves so they are harmful for diseases caused by excessive expansion like diarrhea, IBS, all infections (typhoid, brucellosis, herpes, hepatitis) and so on.

Carrots, turnips, meat, eggs are contracted mass so they are harmful for diseases caused by excessive contraction like constipation and gallstones and so on. For more, watch this video:

Food is best natural treatment. Learn how!   (2:40)

Some foods propagate an infection while others naturally stop it

● Some minerals cause contraction, while others cause expansion, dilation, spreading

● Germ multiplication in itself is a natural phenomenon of expansion (spreading, increasing)

Foods rich in minerals that cause contraction prevent all germs from multiplying (bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungus, worms, etc.), naturally cure infections and increase immunity.

● Foods rich in minerals that cause expansion, promote and enhance all germ multiplication and reduce immunity.

Try eating lettuce or sugar, or similar expansive foods, when you have diarrhea, psoriasis or Lyme disease. Lettuce and sugar are expansive foods. Diarrhea, psoriasis, Lyme disease and filariasis are infections characterized by expansion (dilation, itching, redness, inflammation and spreading). So, lettuce and sugar will make these diseases worse.

Try eating carrots or cheese when you have constipation, kidney stones or heart disease. Carrots and cheese are contractive foods. Constipation, kidney stones and heart disease are also contractive diseases (constriction, tightness). Carrots and cheese will make these diseases worse.


Understanding the natural law of duality helps us to identify the foods that are the best natural antibiotics in the world.

Consultation for Natural Treatment

If you want to treat any illness naturally, but need help selecting the right foods for optimum results, we provide consultations for natural treatment. This nutrition consultation is for treatment. It is different than the common trivia about nutrition and health found in the food pyramid, charts of calories and vitamins or fad diets


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