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Nutrition consultation details

The nutrition consultation we provide is for treating an illness and completely different than the common information about nutrition and health found in the food pyramid and charts of calories and vitamins and minerals or fad diets.
Example: Eat plenty of vegetables and fruit

: It is healthy to eat vegetables and fruit. But which vegetables and fruit for which health condition? Some vegetables are healthful and even curative for some health conditions and harmful for other conditions. For example, lettuce, parsley and chard are harmful for conditions such as eczema, diarrhea, gangrene, psoriasis, typhoid, gonorrhea and other conditions, and helpful for other health conditions. Also, fruit contain sugar in varying amounts. This makes some fruit harmful and even dangerous for some health conditions such as syphilis, brucellosis, tuberculosis, gangrene, typhoid, eczema, arthritis and others.

Nutrition consultation includes the following

The diet plan we prepare for every patient includes:

Two (2) PDF files.

Diet plan file: Diet plan designed for your current condition(s)

Question/Answer file: answers to all your questions & concerns about your current health condition(s), treatment, medications you are now taking and prognosis

File #1
Diet plan

A detailed diet plan designed to treat and naturally cure your current health condition(s). This diet plan includes:

Foods to avoid permanently

Detailed list of foods to avoid temporarily until you health improves in

Detailed list of foods to consume extensively (sometimes daily) to stabilize and reverse the condition. Examples of acute conditions: chronic diarrhea, a bleeding ulcer, tuberculosis, gallstone pains, chronic constipation, advanced arterial blockage and heart disease, etc. Along with the quantities and proportions and preferred preparation methods.

Foods to consume regularly, quantities and proportions, to gradually build up your body's immunity. Taking into account your own geographical location and the traditional foods available in your area. This means you do not have to travel any where or buy any expensive alleged miracle cure. Your food is your medicine.

Appropriate cooking methods for your health condition(s)

Additional home remedies (as required). Such as plasters, special teas. These home remedies are designed to provide immediate relief (externally and/or internally) from pain and other symptoms. This is helpful for patients with gangrene, psoriasis, heart disease, gallstones, backache, etc.

Recommended exercises during the initial period. For example, patients with heart disease, high blood pressure or typhoid should not perform any strenuous tasks during the initial period.

File #2
Your questions & Our answers

Many patients feel lost, overwhelmed or hopeless because of their chronic condition. They have many questions would like answered about cause, prognosis, medications they are currently taking, vitamin and mineral supplements.

The question and answer file contains all your questions and our answers to these questions. In addition to other educational information (as required) about your specific condition, estimated healing time and emphasis on the best foods that cure your illness.

You can follow the nutrition plan in the comfort, privacy of your own home. There is no need to travel to an exotic faraway land for an alleged miracle cure.

Follow up

We encourage all our patients to follow up with us during the time they follow the diet plan.
Many have questions about the diet plan, some recommended foods to which they are not used and preparation methods. They can also tell us of the progress they have made. Because not applying the diet plan correctly can mean longer healing time. That is why following up is important.
Patients can follow up from the patient follow up form
There is no additional cost for follow up.

Step 2

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Consultation for Natural Treatment

If you want to treat any illness naturally, but need help selecting the right foods for optimum results, we provide consultations for natural treatment. This nutrition consultation is for treatment. It is different than the common trivia about nutrition and health found in the food pyramid, charts of calories and vitamins or fad diets


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Seminars in Natural Treatment

We offer seminars in nutrition, the art of health, iridology and macrobiotics. Arrangements available for video and in-person seminars

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Diseases & Natural Treatment
Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome HIV AIDS
Arterial blockage, heart disease, peripheral artery disease PAD or atherosclerosis
Arthritis (osteoarthritis, rheumatoid)
Behcets Disease
Chlamydia & Candida
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Constipation & Hemorrhoids
Diarrhea, Irritable Bowel Syndrome IBS & Inflammatory Bowel Disease IBD
Hepatitis B C
Oral & Genital Herpes
High Blood Pressure
Kidney Stones
Liver Cirrhosis
Lyme Disease
Malaria & Cholera & Tropical diseases
Multiple Sclerosis
Ovarian Cysts
Polio & post-polio syndrome
Syphilis, Gonorrhea & other STDs
Hypo-thyroid, Hyper-thyroid, thyroid nodules and Goiter
Typhoid & Brucellosis (brucella)
Ulcerative Colitis & Crohn's Disease
Peptic Ulcers
Uric Acid
Varicose Veins