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Natural treatment for bacterial, viral and parasitic infections. Natural Antibiotics in Foods (3:04)
Seven Heavens
Seven stages of illness
Diseases are many, the cause is one! The reason for our various illnesses are the toxins lodged within the body. The higher the toxic levels, the deeper and more serious the illness...

Seven conditions of health 

Most people think of health as only the absence of dis-ease. But true radiant health is not only the absence of disease; it is a dynamic and constant balance which nature maintains effortlessly...

Seven laws of nature

There are seven simple laws which rule our world of phenomena. George Ohsawa summarizes these laws as follows: That which has a beginning has an end. There is always a front to a back ...

Seven stages of judgment

Our happiness depends upon our judgment. Illness or health, intelligence or foolishness, happiness or misery all depend on our judgment...

The five Transformations
The transformation of energy from state to state (yang to yin) goes through two stages in electricity, positive and negative...



If you want to treat any illness naturally, but need help selecting the right foods for optimum results, we provide consultations for natural treatment. This nutrition consultation is for treatment

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